ZCC.CT Your Partner for Metal Cutting Profitability

As the core enterprise in the China Minmetal Group, ZCC·CT has 741 million Yuan of the registered capital and more than 1800 employees. ZCC·CT also holds two wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in the U.S. and Germany. The combination of production、development、and sales brought ZCC·CT at the leading position of the cemented carbide cutting tools as an integrated supplier.

ZCC·CT built up the world class production lines of indexable CNC inserts、indexable cutting tools、solid carbide drilling tool、and ceramics inserts.

Featured products

XMP01 series Boring Tool

This kind of Boring Tool is a multi-functional tool, it can achieve flat milling, side milling, flute milling and bored hole-making for steel, steel alloy, and cast iron. The Insert is vertically loaded with 90 degrees approach angle. Both axial and radical cutting width could be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of customers. In addition, the Boring Tool has large width of bottom edges, helping to strengthen the capability of helical interpolation milling holes. It is generally loaded inserts for two kinds chip breaker, while fits for different machining conditions in the meanwhile. It is a functional tool and it is mostly used in machining large diameter holes and boring milling cavities. The Boring Tool can be used on a trampoline, lathe or milling machine.

Flat End Mill

In the field of milling, ZCCCT has developed a plenty number of industry solutions in the past decades. The major focus factor has been tools adapted to the related customer needs. With years of experiences, ZCCCT has accumulated high level of understanding in the area of milling. We can provide a suitable cutting tool for every milling task and all types of machining. Moreover, the end mills can easily handle all types of material which include steel, cast iron, aluminum, super alloys, and etc. In order to meet customers’ special requirements, the R&D center helps us to offers custom milling tools individually tailored to the requirements of the customer. For instance, complex geometry and contours can be realized using specifically designed milling cutters, or machining times and tools changes reduced using combination tools.

HPR Excellent Turning Insert

New generation turning insert grade with high performance for P materials

Thick coating technology with fine-grained columnar structure Al2O3. It has outstanding high temperature performance and wear resistance, which effectively improve the tool life. H2O2 gradient transition coating technology. With this technology, the spalling resistance of the coating has been improved. By using PCN technology, the coating particles are fine and dense, leading to superior high temperature performance and oxidation resistance of the insert. Wholly new substrate. Alloy grain adjusting technology make the cubic phase grains finer and more evenly distributed which improve the high temperature performance of the cutter body. The change of the binder phase and the solid solution gradient coupling will improve the strength of the edge and plastic deformation resistance.