Gun Drilling CNC Deep Hole

Gun Drilling is a deep hole drilling method which uses a long, thin cutting tool to produce highly accurate and straight holes in work pieces beyond what conventional style drills are capable of. Gun drills differ from conventional drills by having a single straight flute cutting edge and a single internal coolant hole. Pressurized coolant is fed through the internal hole and chips are evacuated through the single flute along the shank.

Featured products

Indexable Gun Drill

1. New high-performance deep hole drilling tool with modern, user-friendly design.

2. Very high operating efficiency and optimal cutting capacity.

3. Ideal for CNC machines with coolant system. Drilling depths up to 40 x D in a single drilling cycle. The tool also produces excellent results when used in deep hole drilling machines.

4. No regrinding is required.

5. Easy replacement of indexable inserts and guide pads.

6. Models with extended guide pads are also suitable for through-hole drilling.

Single flute Brazed Gundrills

Single Flut Gun Drilling Tools (Brazed Type) can be seen as the advanced and high-efficient deep hole process technology. From the tube to the tip, our quality single flute gun drill machine have full carbide construction, which is good for cooling liquid flowing better, and brings high cutting performance and safety.

The single flute deep hole range of drills are available to maximum length 5000 mm, but tool length can be made according to customer’s requirement. If you require specific diameters and lengths, we can offer other fractional diameters.

They can also be used for ordinary lathes or CNC machining centers, which contains superior drilling straightness, roughness quality and resharpen easily.

Solid Carbide Gun Drills

Our solid carbide flute drills feature with great rigidity and can reduce torsional vibrations, which ensure the products’ long expectancy. They can be used for the processing of common materials, such as structural steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, ductile iron, non-ferrous metal. The solid carbide range of drills are available from 8mm to 45.0mm for drilling holes from 50.0mm to 350.0mm in a single pass. If you require specific diameters and lengths, we can offer other fractional diameters.

Advantages of solid carbide gun drill:1. Very small deep holes can be processed 2. The high rigidity of the solid type gun drill can minimize the eccentricity of the hole. 3. Kidney shape of cooling hole is advantageous for supply of cutting oil. 4. Cutting speed is faster than brazed type gun drill.