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Are you looking for reliable precision tools to reach the highest level of performance? BIG DAISHOWA offers products that will improve results in your most demanding applications. The product portfolio comprises more than 20,000 precision tools such as tool holders, collet chucks, fine/rough boring heads, cutting tools, measuring equipment, and workholding which adhere to the highest quality standards.

Featured products

CNC Tool Holders

CNC tool holders are the interface between the machine spindle and the cutting tool. BIG DAISHOWA offers a wide variety of shanks common to the market, including both BIG-PLUS and standard versions of DV(DIN69871), BT(JIS B6339), and CAT(ASME B5.50) steep tapers as well as HSK (ISO12164) hollow shank tapers and BIG CAPTO (ISO26623-1) polygon taper shanks.

CNC Boring Tools

The precision and ruggedness of BIG KAISER modular CNC boring tools deliver measurable performance advantages—significantly reducing costs and cycle times. The modular CK system is the best solution for drilling, rough boring, finish boring, milling and tapping. Modular boring tools provide flexibility to assemble the perfect setup for almost any application.

Spindle Angle Heads & Speed Increasers

Optimize your spindle with BIG DAISHOWA's Spindle Angle Heads & Speed Increasers. Harness your machine's current capabilities by adding an Angle Head. Without the expense of a new machine, you'll be able to perform vertical, horizontal and angular operations on your machine without repositioning the workpiece.