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Gesac is a backbone member of Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd. (China's Fortune 500).

Through more than 30 years' development, GESAC has comprehensive tungsten product chain in the word.

Featured products

ADGT Series for Titanium alloys

The edge with spatial curve Cutting Tooldesign to decrease the cutting resistance . The blade geometry with variable edge width, increased tool life. The special dedicated geometry for machining of Ti alloy. Suitable for semi-finishing and roughing machining of diffcult-to-machine materials, such as Ti alloy.

ST300 High Performance Machining of Titanium Alloys

Suitable for high performance processing of titanium alloys such as titanium alloy structural parts in aerospace industry and titanium alloy parts in medical industry. The new titanium alloy milling grade is adopted, which has significant improvement in wear resistance and bond resistance. Special corner radius treatment, improve the cutting edge strength and sharpness, effectively reduce the vibration caused by corner radius.The use of enhanced large helix angle design and unequal tooth pitch can reduce the harmonics produced by cutting, eliminate bad chatter, and further improve the material removal rate by increasing the feed rate and cutting depth.A professional 5-edge design has been added, designed to exceed the productivity of 4-edge endmills.

SOE(M)T Series for Titanium alloys

Positive rake angle processing, cutting light, stable processing. The cutting edge with two-stage design, suitable for different processing conditions. Design with wiper , in high feed processing and side wall processing, has good processing surface quality. Special surface coating technology, make the edge surface smooth, and reduce the formation of debris tumor. Suitable for roughing machining of diffcult-to-machine materials, such as Ti alloy.